GUARANA Seed.....The seed they say is better than coffee

Botanical: Paullinia cupana
Family: Sapindaceae (soapberry)
Other common names: Brazilian Cocoa, Paullinia, Uabano, Guarana Bread, Paullinia Sorbilis, Uaranzeiro, Brazilian Chocolate

Guarana has been called the elixir of youth, the life force of the Amazonian Indian and the Brazilian answer to a lack lustre love life. Behind the media talk, Guarana is a serious product with many diverse benefits - particularly in our time, when fatigue and stress so often combine to diminish our immune defences, over-load the adrenal system and cause difficulties in our emotional lives.

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 Michael Van Straten, Britain's best known practitioner of complementary medicine, recently wrote a book on Guarana. Here we review some extracts from his highly informative work on the subject.

"Of all the medicinal plants of the Brazilian rainforest, the best known is Guarana or, to give it it's proper name, Paullinia Cupana. It has been known to the rainforest Indians since time immemorial and found its way to Europe through the early explorers in the latter part of the 17th Century. There is a growing body of modern scientific evidence to show that Guarana is indeed a valuable therapeutic plant possessing considerable benefits and producing virtually no side-effects. It has a long history of traditional use by the rainforest Indians and was enthusiastically adopted by most of the early European visitors to the Amazon basin.

 The earliest reports of the value of Guarana came from a missionary called Bettendorf. In 1669 he wrote of the way in which the Indians used the plant to help them cope with the extreme heat, to carry them through long journeys, to suppress the appetite and to relieve headaches, fevers and cramps.

For the Indians its medicinal value and the plant way in which  this plant stimulates the brain and keeps the body active and vital, is nothing less than a miracle. To survive in the hot, humid and hostile environment where they live, alertness and vigour are essential. It is their dependance on Guarana which they believe helps them in their continuing battle against the jungle.

The seeds are harvested and processed as they have been for generations. First they are soaked to remove the outer husks, then they are washed, dried, crushed and roasted over wood fires. The next step is to bake them into sticks of hard 'bread' which are easy to carry. Traditionally the day starts with a cup of Guarana tea.

 The Guarana now thrives, flowers and gives up its seeds all over the Amazon region. Local residents even grow it in their back gardens. This 'elixer of youth', as the Indians know it, presents the scientists with a paradox. The natives use it for a number of opposite reasons: it increases physical stamina and reduces the appetite; it is an effective treatment for constipation; it improves tolerence to heat and humidity and can be a cooling refreshing drink.

One of the main constituents of Guarana is a chemical called gauranine. This is similar in structure to caffeine, which explains its tonic and stimulating effects. There have been attempts to isolate the active ingredient and use it as a medicine. But as so often happens, the Indians only ever use the whole seed and this works without any side effects. Though the caffeine-like properties are present, in combination with the other ingredients in the plant, have a gentle and sustained effect.

The tannin content is relatively high too, and this explains why Guarana is so good for the treatment of diarrhea and digestive problems. What is more, there are potent saponons, similar to those found in ginseng. It is these that balance the stimulation produced by guaranine. I am certain that Guarana tea is a good substitute for tea and coffee. It will provide that lift which we have come to expect, but in a much gentler and longer-lasting way. It could be useful for those who need to avoid caffeine and those with migraine or high blood pressure who feel like a light stimulant at sometime during the day. The Indians say that Guarana prevents and combats fatigue, stimulates brain function, aids concentration, relieves headaches and menstrual pain, helps the body get rid of water, combats the discomfort of extreme heat, speeds recovery after illness and reduces appetite.

 So, who can benefit from the 'secret eyes' from the jungle? Anyone under stress or pressure - of examinations, interviews, work or social functions. And it can be used at times of illness, during convalescence or after childbirth. Athletes, walkers, climbers, cyclists- anyone needing to maintain high levels of energy over extended periods when it might not be practical or possible to consume food- will find it useful.


One highly disturbing trend in the pattern of health and disease has become a problem of growing magnitude since the mid-1980's. This is the ever-increasing number of patients consulting their doctors because of feelings of exhaustion and fatigue, to such an extent that this is now the commonest reason for patients to visit their family doctor. Chronic fatigue is a common symptom of depression and it is most unfortunate that all too often these poor patients hare out of the surgery with nothing more than a prescription for anti-depressants-after all, writing a prescription is the quickest way of ending the consultation.

 Certainly some of these patients will be suffering from clinical depression. But the vast majority are not. Even when they do get depressed, that depression may well be the result of some underlying problem. Who would not feel depressed after weeks or months of being too tired to get up and shave in the morning, or too tired to make breakfast for the children, or so utterly worn out that the effort of getting dressed is too daunting even to contemplate? In situations like these the depression is the effect and not the cause of the patient’s condition.


Young people have taken Guarana to their hearts. This is especially true amongst the frequenters of discos, dance clubs and raves in England and America. In London, Leeds and Liverpool: in New York, New Orleans and Nashville: these energetic enthusiasts are turning away from booze and getting their kicks and the energy to dance away the night from Guarana.

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